io non sono...

for solo voice and live electronics

Inspired by Italo Calvino's novel Un re in ascolto (The king listens) in which he depicts the ear as a king sitting in his throne listening to every whisper coming from the different halls of his castle, this piece is a reflection on different characteristics of the spatial perception of the sound. A singer who has lost her voice, struggling to get it back, provides the sound material that is processed by the live electronics which builds up a resonant environment shaped according to the rare pitched material that rarely emerges.

performed by Elina Viluma

  • io non sono…
  • il silenzio di quell'uomo
  • hanno il suono di ciò che non hai mai ascoltato
  • avvicina il tuo orecchio
  • tutte le cose sono già...
  • ecco che ci sentono di nuovo
  • ...come li hai uditi ora
  • vorresti anche tu una voce?
  • I am not...
  • the silence of that man
  • they sound like something that you have never heard
  • approach your hear
  • everything is already...
  • Here they hear us again
  • you just heard them
  • would you like to have a voice too?