Apart #01: Charles Cohen, Rabih Beaini & Upperground Orchestra

Call For Tape Music: John Chowning & Luigi Nono

Notes#05: Agostino di Scipio

Notes#04: Marco Fusi & Pierluigi Billone

Odhecaton Festival 2013

Notes#03: Silvana Torto & Luigi Gaggero

Notes#02: Pierluigi Billone & Michele Del Prete

Notes#01: Pierluigi Billone

Test#01 at Ateneo Veneto

Established in 2011, Pas-e is born with the goal of enhancing artistic research and developing its various expressions. It has been active on the musical and artistic scene, organizing concerts, talks, workshops and masterclasses, in close collaboration with internationally renowned artists and important cultural institutions in Italy and abroad.

Today Pas-e is a cultural production platform that brings together, in one place, collaborators with different and complementary profiles, operating in all fields of the creative industry. The synergies arising from the union and the sharing of these skills are the basis for reflection and development on which Pas-e stands to respond to the new needs of contemporary production.

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